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The Course

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The bar and clubhouse is located on the upper floor of old stable building of the grand Walton Hall Estate. With fantastic views looking back down the 18th hole it is the perfect location to sit and enjoy a drink as watch the players finish their rounds. The bar area is large and can accommodate large groups of people.

For those wishing for private dining for your golf day a function room is available on the same floor as the main bar area and is a perfect place to enjoy the fine food prepared by the conference and banqueting team at Walton Hall.

The function room is also available for private hire and can cater for all types of function including weddings, christenings, birthday parties and other celebrations. Please Contact us on (01925) 263061 for further details.

Front 9

Hole 1

Gentle opening hole to ease players into their round. Longer hitters can easily reach the trees and the out of bounds on the right. A well placed tee shot will leave a gentle pitch into the green. A severe slope from left to right makes the green far from a regulation two putt.

  • White 299 SI 14
  • Yellow 289
  • Red 277 SI 14
Hole 2

Short Par 5 that is a good chance for a birdie. The holes defence is its tightness with mature trees and scrub down the right and numerous younger trees down the left. A large mature tree encroaches on the right hand side of the fairway and can block out second shots. A long green is the target with bunkers on right and left.

  • White 467 SI 12
  • Yellow 458
  • Red 418 SI 10
Hole 3

Early decision for the longer hitters weather to try hit it close to the green or simply lay up for position. From the lay up position it is a relativly short approach shot to a green that sits up from front to back to accept the ball. Anything missing left will make for a very tough up and down while a large bunker gobbles up anything long and right.

  • White 326 SI 16
  • Yellow 314
  • Red 295 SI 12
Hole 4

The first par 3 and the shortest. There’s a large bunker and tree guarding the approach down the left. Any shot going right will generally feed down towards the green. Best chance for a 3 all round so try and make the most of it!

  • White 174 SI 18
  • Yellow 163
  • Red 151 SI 18
Hole 5

Picturesque par 4 that bends gently to the right. A bunker guards the left side of the fairway and a water hazard is in play for anything venturing too far right. Tough par 4. This green has been re-shaped and presents a large target for a slightly down hill approach shot. There are bunkers at the front right and left of the green.

  • White 422 SI 4
  • Yellow 383
  • Red 375 SI 6
Hole 6

Big dogleg to the right requiring an accurate tee shot over the tall trees to leave a short approach to a large green. Playing to the marker on the corner will leave a longer shot to the green. The green is located below the level of the second shot and will welcome a running shot.

  • White 452 SI 2
  • Yellow 392
  • Red 377 SI 2
Hole 7

Great par 3 with a green that can be set with a varity of challenging pin positions. Often a mid iron the green is narrow at the front and well protected with bunkers on both sides.

  • White 199 SI 8
  • Yellow 191
  • Red 174 SI 16
Hole 8

Good par 5 with the ideal line being the pond located 150 yds short of the green. Anything too far to the left will find the ditch or the out of bounds. The pond may come into play on the second shot for shorter hitters. A bunker front left protects the large but relatively flat green.

  • White 471 SI 10
  • Yellow 458
  • Red 437 SI 8
Hole 9

The tee shot for the 9th demands special attention, hit the ball too far and it will find the ditch splitting the fairway. Long hitters may decide to hit a fairway wood or hybrid to leave a long fairway wood to an elevated green with anything missing right kicking further that way. A large green sloping from back to front can often make two putting difficult.

  • White 489 SI 6
  • Yellow 466
  • Red 407 SI 4

Back 9

Hole 10

One of the best Par 4s on the course. Two bunkers either side guard the narrowing of the fairway at distance. Pins tucked into the left hand side of the green present a significant challenge in order to get the ball close with players having to clear the bunker located front left. The green slopes from back to front.

  • White 425 SI 1
  • Yellow 417
  • Red 406 SI 9
Hole 11

Probably the most demanding tee shot from the back tee. Very long Par 3 to a thin plateued green this hole would not be out of place in any top championship. A par here will feel like a birdie.

  • White 214 SI 9
  • Yellow 205
  • Red 150 SI 13
Hole 12

The longest hole on the course demanding a good drive to find a good position for the long uphill approach. A bunker well placed bunker can be found on the right of the fairway. For those strong enough to reach in two guiding the ball in from the right hand side is ideal but watch for the bunker. The green is cut into the hill slope, making the pitch shot approach challenging.

  • White 506 SI 15
  • Yellow 495
  • Red 482 SI 1
Hole 13

Downhill all the way and great for long drivers of the ball as they will get close to the green. A fairway bunker looms down the left to catch any mis-hit drives. Approach shots will always be played form a downhill lie to green that is well protected at the front.

  • White 390 SI 13
  • Yellow 383
  • Red 366 SI 7
Hole 14

Beautifully presented hole demanding a good tee shot to leave the best possible approach shot to a plateued green. Favouring the left hand side will leave an approach shot that has to evade the bunker tucked close to the left hand side of the green. Any shots hit to the right will be blocked out. Above all distance control on the approach is imperative as anything short or right will leave a very difficult up and down.

  • White 392 SI 5
  • Yellow 382
  • Red 318 SI 5
Hole 15

Regarded as the easiest Par 4 on the course, this hole represents a great chance to pick up a shot or two before the demanding finish. A wide fairway welcomes a well struck drive leaving a short iron or pitch onto one of the smaller greens on the course.

  • White 339 SI 17
  • Yellow 328
  • Red 319 SI 11
Hole 16

A real brute of a par 3 demanding a well stuck long iron, hybrid or even a wood. The green is relatively unprotected and welcomes a shot chasing onto the front but beware of anything leaking to the right as the stream can soon embrace anything heading that way.

  • White 223 SI 11
  • Yellow 213
  • Red 143 SI 17
Hole 17
Off the back tee this is a tough drive to find the corner of the dogleg. The hole sweeps uphill to the right, to a back to front sloping green. A small tree provides a challenging obsticle front right of the green and a well disguised bunker comes into play on the left.

  • White 398 SI 3
  • Yellow 350
  • Red 340 SI 3
Hole 18

Downhill dog leg to the right. Longer hitters will drive over the trees on the right to cut the corner to leave a short iron into the large receptive green. Out of bounds bekons to the right for any wayward drives. Playing to the corner is a safer option but leaves a much longer shot which will often have to be played from a sidehill lie to a well protected green.

  • White 452 SI 7
  • Yellow 406
  • Red 397 ┬áSI 15

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